The Iridology Assessment Generator is under constant development and can be applied for both professional iridologists and students of Iridology.

This assessment application offers real-time eye image upload to report and eleven types of assessment categories. Assessment categories include options of adding additional information to assessment report including explanations, symptoms, nutrition, herbal and homeopathic options.

When the assessment report is completed, it will securely generate full informational report and directly sent to the members email address in both html format and PDF attachment.

Samples of assessment categories include:

Initial Information Page and Right and Left Eye Upload Section

Elimination Organs to Consider
General Organs and Glands (17 Total)
The Collarette
Iris Pigments
The Pupils
Conditions For Consideration
The Brain
Nutritional Recommendations

This assessment report generator is available to members only. If you are interested in trying out this assessment tool, contact us for trial access!