Yes. Please review the following clinical iridology analysis report result or download the trial version and test for yourself!

Sample Iridodiagnostic Report

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Yes. Nearly 80% is automatic. Once the user becomes familiar using this technology, a highly accurate analysis can be produced in less than 5 minutes!

To install the trial version, we will send you a link to download the program installer in zipped format. Once downloaded, double click the installer zip file to open archive content and you will see the installer executable file named “setup.exe”. Click your mouse once on this file to start the installation. Please let us know if you require installation assistance. The trial version is valid for fifteen loads or fifteen days. If you require more time to evaluate, please contact us for longer term evaluation.

The program will work with virtually any iriscope or digital camera, although not every iriscope and camera has been tested so there may be an iriscope or camera system that may not work. In such cases, there is an import feature that can be used for *.bmp;*.jpg;*.tif;*.png;*.gif images, so that you can always use the program without any iriscope or camera by simply importing images.

It is highly recommended to take a minimum of three images of the right and left eye using your iriscope capture program and then import the best quality images into software. Try not to obscure the pupil or collarette with light source.

Please keep in mind that it is also recommended to save iriscope images as ‘.bmp’ images since this format is uncompressed and offers the most accurate results.

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.Iridology International courses also include the Iridology Analysis Pro Software!

Using 640X480 is the best resolution for taking images and importing images. Other resolutions can be used but should be multiples of 640X480, for example, 1280X960, 2560X1920. If resolution is not multiples of the standard 640X480, there is the possibility of incorrect compression of images leading to oval-horizontal pupil and false positives.

To understand more about correct image resolutions, please refer to the sample chart below:


This iridological analysis program methodology is based upon Russian-European based Iridodiagnostics and offers automatic analysis of the pupillary and collarette parameters This methodology offers high accuracy in detecting ‘active’ pathologies. Pigment color, density and collarette drawing in and out are also based upon several years of iridodiagnostic research. Constitutional typing is based upon European iridological research.

Iridology Analysis Pro is a software program that includes a complex algorithm that automatically detects anomalies in the pupillary and collarette (autonomic nerve wreath) sectors of the human eye including high accuracy in detecting ‘active’ pathology via the pupil.

This specialized algorithm cannot be compared to any other Iridology software available ANYWHERE in the world!

The software was developed for windows operating system, although you can only install iridology software on MAC using virtual windows machine. You can install free windows VM using MAC boot camp. For an alternative method, (not free) would be to install windows VM using Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac.

VMware now offers low cost version of VMware Fusion which easily allows running windows applications on MAC PC’s: VMware Fusion 5

This software was primarily developed for PC using 17+ monitors. Laptops using windows may work depending on available resolutions and LCD screen size. A major problem to compressing images into iridology analysis software programs is that some high resolution cameras will compress the images incorrectly, leading to incorrect pupil deformation. In most cases, incorrect compression will result in an “Oval-Vertical Form or Ellipse” which can translate as false positives such as circulatory cerebral disturbances with the danger of hemorrhage, stroke, coma or paralysis.

It is always best to use actual photograph print photo size for analysis of the eye: 640X480 or its multiples (1280X960, 2560X1820, 5120X3640, etc.) to be assured image is correctly imported into software.

This program will work on most laptops with high resolution settings. Please download and install the trial version first to see if your laptop has the required resolution settings to use this software.

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