A Clinical Approach to Iridodiagnostics


  • Accurate mathematical parameters of eye, pupil and collarette

  • More Accurate Assessments – Sectoral Iris, collarette and pupil results based upon decades of successful clinical studies in Iridology.
  • Research Orientated – The ultimate iridology assessment applications for iridodiagnostic research and development.

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Bio-Metric Examination

Explore the world’s most complex iridological based biometric algorithm software technology ever produced for the science and practice of Iridology and Iridodiagnostics!

Therapy Effectiveness

A general positive improvement in patient health can also reflect parameter changes of the pupils and collarette in re-assessments.

Clinical Studies

Iridology software built upon several decades of clinical studies including successful FDA approved status as medical device class 3 in Korea for the Bexel Irina system.


Thinking about offering iridological assessment in your health clinic but do not have the time or expertise? We offer highly accurate iridological assessments to health clinics and health professionals.

“I loaded it up on my 13″ macbook and it ran fine! albeit some windows were truncated due to the small screen. I ran through 2 long term patients and found the analysis quite relevant and accurate”.
Dr. Eric Blake, Naturopathic Physician and Diplomate of Acupuncture

“They were so shocked of the accuracy of the report. I know I have a long ways to go to be a professional, but I think I can actually do this! Thank you so much for helping me help others”.

Diane Shelly, Iridology Diploma Course, DaVinci College of Holistic Medicine

“I have installed it successfully- WOW what a feeling to work with this software!! Thank you ever sooooo much! Once again, thank you for excellent service delivery”.

Irene Lonbard-Tichy, Registered Natural Health Care Practitioner

“The analysis made seems to be quite accurate. We would ask for an Ecocardiogram and a grastologist evaluation to further evaluate the findings”.

Dr. Manuel Monasterio, Naturopathic Physician

“Oh, yes, people are definitely astonished at the data results. I do see why you wanted to make sure I could explain the report effectively. This is such an amazing tool”!

Riki Caine, Iridologist, Reiki Master and Naturopathic Doctoral Candidate

“I am using these reports combining with many other diagnosis tools for my integrative medicine treatment for my own patients”.

Dr. Long Mai, IMD, Acupuncturist (Alternative Medicine), Integrative Medical Doctor
“I did a bit more reading on this software, I believe that this will fulfill my needs in a greater way than the software that I am presently using.

Funny how certain turn of events have a way of pointing to the truth. (coming into contact with a true Iridology program). I like the idea of having a professional software (accuracy is most important to me), which I think this is”.

Dr. Salvatore Messina, Homeopthaic Doctor

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