Iridology Analysis Software

Iridology Analysis Professional is the only available ‘evidence based’ iridology analysis software available in the world today.  Iridology Analysis professional offers precise examination of the pupil, collarette and iris sectors, with eight options of iridological topographic charting systems, precisely placed for each and every unique human eye!

Now you have the opportunity to offer the most precise iridology analysis reporting system into your professional healing art practice and offer your patients/clients a highly accurate iridodiagnostic analysis report in less than 5 minutes!

Special Bonus!

As a bonus, new clients will receive 50 academic credits and VIP status for one year to Membership includes on-line version of Iris3D Iris Relief program, Case Study Galleries, Video Tutorials, Several Iridology Books and Charts, Integrative Medicine Databases and Numerous Iridological Manuscript and Research Papers.

Registered members also have the their opportunity to contribute to the Iridology Research Databases and earn further academic credits to maintain VIP status or earn free iridology tools!!