Iridology Analysis professional offers precise examination of the pupil, collarette and iris sectors, with eight options of iridological topographic charting systems, precisely placed for every unique human eye!

Iridology Analysis Professional software application is only available to members at for research purposes. You are welcome to request the trial version of Iridology Analysis Professional. You can request the trial version here.

Compatible with ALL windows Versions. NOT compatible with MAC O.S. Please note that MAC users can install Iridology Analysis Professional using ‘Windows Virtual Machine Software” Please send us a note for recommendations to install Iridology software of MAC O.S.

Alternatively, MAC users can use Iridology Analysis Pro or Bexel Irina Iridology software using remote access. This method is offered at with membership. Remote access involves logging into external PC server with the availability to access both iridology analysis software programs.

*Note – It is recommended to use Dino-Capture software for taking iris images for importation into iridology software instead of taking images using iridology software. When using the iriscope capture software, it is recommended to take at least four images of each eye and then import the best quality right and left images into the iridology software for best results.

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