Iridology Software that offers precise examination of the pupil, collarette and iris sectors. Eight optional iris topographic charting systems. Every chart precisely placed for each and every unique human eye!

Highly Accurate Biometric Assessment of the Pupils and Collarette

Eight Optional Iridology Chart Overlays with Precision Alignment

The ONLY Iridodiagnostic System to achieve FDA Approved Medical Device Class 3 Approval!

Improved iridodiagnostic assessments built upon decades of scientificl research and approved hospital clinical studies.

The Bexel Irina successfully achieved FDA approved status as medical device class 3 in Korea, following the highly successful Korean government certified clinical studies held at AJU University.

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Precise Bio-Metric Examination

Iridodiagnostic assessments offer precise examination of the pupil, collarette and iris sectors through an exclusive bio-metric algorithm. The bio-metric algorithm accurately detects pupillary and collarette anomalies that include mathematical data reports for clinical health environments.

Pupillary re·as·sess·ment Re-Assessments

Are your patient treatments working? A general positive improvement in patient health should also reflect in positive changes in re-assessment data reports.